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  • Immediate compliance with OSHA guaranteed
  • Customized to meet and exceed job, insurance or 3rd party requirements
  • Electronic copy USB for required submissions
  • Physical 3-ring leather bound binder provided
  • Much, Much More…

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No matter the size of the business or industry you operate in, it is essential and required that every company implement a Safety Program. There are many benefits to implementing a Injury, Illness and Prevention Program. Many times companies make the decision to do so, because of requirements being set forth by the company they work for, insurance, or even just because of the constant concern of a OSHA audit. We can fulfill and alleviate every concern with our Written Custom Safety Program and ensure every employee is aware of what OSHA requires and what you expect as an employer.

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Protection of company assets – Many times, if an employee is not properly trained, they move forward with a task unaware of the damages they cause to company equipment. By training an employee about the personal protective equipment, tools, and equipment they use and the standard operating procedures your company is in term ensuring the prolonged life of these valuable assets.

Lowered workman comp claims and Protect lives– Reduce the risks of your Insurance EMR being elevated and protect your employees’ lives by implementing simple, easy to understand Safety Policies and training Programs. Click the link below for free information or call # for assistance.

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