Forklift Safety Training

Forklift Certification Kit

“Certify and Train your operators today!”

  • Immediate compliance with OSHA Forklift Certification guaranteed
  • Become a Qualified trainer and eliminate sending employees out to courses to pay exorbitant costs
  • Training Videos and class room presentation materials provided
  • Electronic files of all training resources provide to include; Instructor Manuals, Student Manuals, Training Log, Driving Exams, Class room Exams, Certification cards and training Certificates
  • Can cover any major class of forklift. Construction and General Industry

Regardless of Industry, OSHA requires every company to formally train their Forklift operators in the Safe use of that machinery to prevent injuries and provide an overall evaluation of that performance to ensure competency. This quick, easy to use, compliance program offers every tool needed to administer training and ensure safety compliance for every employee who would step foot on a forklift, for the lifetime of the company with this one-time purchase.


Increased work productivity– It is proven that by investing money into employee safety and awareness you build more confidence for the employee facing his or her tasks, which in turn, increases productivity and the efficiency of your business.

Protection of company assets– Many times, if an employee is not properly trained, they move forward with a task unaware of the damages they cause to company equipment. By training an employee about the personal protective equipment, tools, and equipment they use and the standard operating procedures your company is in term ensuring the prolonged life of these valuable assets.

Lowered workman comp claims and Protect lives– Reduce the risks of your Insurance EMR being elevated and protect your employees’ lives by implementing simple, easy to understand Safety Policies and training Programs. Click the link below for free information or call (844) 532-6090 for assistance.

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