ISNetworld® Certification

The experts at 1 Stop Compliance can help you attain ISNetworld® Certification including:

  • Program compliance
  • Proper safety, training and insurance documentation
  • OSHA logs
  • Ongoing account management

We work to ensure your continued status as a qualified ISNetworld® certified business. Exemptions from ISNetworld® are rare and can only be granted by your client directly. If you are currently in the evaluation stage with becoming a member of ISN®, there are a few important factors that must be evaluated.

The Importance of ISNetworld®

#1- How long do you want to keep the customer?

If this is a premier client, it only makes sense that you become a member and invest the resources in becoming qualified. This opportunity will essentially solidify your existing relationship and place you into a pool of “qualified” ISNetworld® certified businesses.

#2- Are there other hiring clients in my region?

ISNetworld® has recently surpassed over 500 Major Hiring clients that your company can potentially gain access to. Whether your company is service based, construction, manufacturing, wholesale, oil & gas, engineering or any other trade, ISNetworld® gives you access to be a qualified contractor and attract additional business with your accreditation and membership.

#3- How Long does it take to get compliant?

Currently, ISNetworld® has a 1-2 week review time frame. Once you submit your safety programs, insurance, training documents and finish answering the very detailed 1800-2200 question questionnaire, you will need to wait out the review period for a response from ISN®. At that time, they will inform you of any discrepancies and allow you an opportunity to rectify and re-submit. After you submit, there will be another waiting period for the review to be completed. Oftentimes, companies find themselves going through multiple submissions and re-submissions and insurance company requests that stretch over the course of months!

This is about the time companies start questioning the whole value and point of ISN®. Without someone who is experienced in the ISNetworld® requirements, the time vs cost investment just doesn’t make sense.

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Cutting Down the Time and Cost:

Investing months of man-hours into this process just doesn’t make sense for smaller companies. So, the question at the end of the day is, “how do we get this compliant and fast?!” Within 72 hours, our firm will guarantee account submission. We have programs that are already compliant with ISN® that can be customized.

What this means is, we do the work, we get it submitted and we get you approved. We prepare every element of what is being requested by your client and submit it within 72 hours. We also provide you a digital download that you can implement internally and train your people on. Considering the time being cut down and only having to invest what equates to $188/month, this is a very efficient solution for a smaller company that is struggling with this decision.

Some say having ISNetworld® Certification is an “industry-must”.  With the increasing weight of government regulations, ever-increasing insurance prices, litigation and other struggles for corporations, ISNetworld® compliance seems to be the perfect fit and solution.

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ISNetworld Certification

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