Our Mission Statement:

AEM” = Add Value – Establish Longevity – Maintain Integrity


Established in 2015, 1 Stop Compliance has quickly become a premier leader in the Safety & Compliance Industries. Servicing over 2000 customers, 1 Stop Compliance and its core team embrace the constant challenge of providing the highest level of customer service and cutting-edge products available in the market. We understand the burden that every business carries with having to remain up to date with governing authorities and the constant bombardment of requests for documentation from their clients and potential clients.

With more than 20 members on our team and a core business partnership that is poised to become the “future of safety” we proudly accept the challenge of keeping businesses compliant and will activate our over 50 years’ combined experience and knowledge, to ensure the highest level of service and quality for our customers.

1 Stop Compliance is a company that services the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, and many other countries across the world. We are also experts in both state, federal and provincial compliance requirements. We are confident that whatever your need, 1 Stop Compliance is a cost effective solution that will add significant value to your organization, given the opportunity to do so. We look forward to creating a valued partnership and working as an extension of your organization!

We believe first and foremost, in adding value to our customers.

We accomplish this in 3 Phases:

  1. We value our customer input and industry experience – Every Safety and Training program that is provided to our clients, we guarantee to be customer specific and meet/exceed any governing bodies requirements. We also will tailor the materials to meet and pass your customers’ expectations.
  2. We take into consideration all governing mandates and auditor requirements – Prior to any submissions to your customer or anyone requesting your Safety Program information, our company will rigorously cross reference your industry requirements, work types and make sure that these programs can be implemented with ease and excellence within your organization.
  3. We are firm believers in building relationships – Your company will have one dedicated account manager that handles the implementation and communication with your company from beginning to end. You will not be passed through different phases and departments. Your company will always have someone on call, responsible to handle your Safety Program Requirement. We are committed to clear, friendly, upfront and honest communication.

The 1 Stop Compliance Partnership oversees all day to day operations to ensure the highest level of quality and customer service GUARANTEED

  • Never over-promise and under-deliver. Our company will always meet our promises to ensure your customization and compliance comes first.
  • Every employee is aware of the core values and signs an agreement of company policies and employee handbooks.
  • We do ongoing account reviews and employee evaluations to ensure all customers are taken care of and the employees are performing and improving in knowledge for their specific area of expertise.

Our goal is to over-exceed your expectations no matter what they may be:

  • Every customer should have a “WOW” experience.
  • When it comes time for renewal, our goal is that you would recognize our intense labor, unwavering commitment and loyalty to your account and you will decide to remain our customer.
  • Our business model is simple. We offer one of the lowest prices in the industry and make ZERO attempts to up-sell your company. Where some companies offer a service with hidden fees and attempts to add services after the initial agreement, we do not.
  • We are a business and understand that every penny counts. We strive to remain the lowest price in the industry and a 5 Star Rated Company.

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