2018 is just around the corner and with it changes in labor laws in many states, now is the time for employers, business owners, & HR compliance professionals to educate themselves on upcoming labor law changes that take effect 1/1/2018. Below we have a list of the different states and which laws that are changing.

The most expected update to occur is state minimum wage rates. Since the Federal Minimum Wage hasn’t changed since 2009, most states have issued their own minimum wage laws to match the cost of living in their areas. Many highly populated states increase their minimum wage rates the first of every New Year. Minimum Wage posters are one of the required posters that come included in the All-In-One 2018 Labor law Poster which also includes OSHA, Paid Sick Leave, Discrimination, Workers’ Compensation and all additional mandatory posters applicable to your state.

Alaska: Minimum Wage
Arizona:  Earned Paid Sick Time(new posting) & Minimum Wage
California: Transgender Rights in the Workplace(new posting)
Colorado: Minimum Wage
Connecticut: Pregnancy Discrimination & Accommodation(new posting) & Discrimination
District of Columbia: Minimum Wage
Florida: Minimum Wage
Louisiana: Earned Income Credit
Maine: Minimum Wage
Massachusetts: Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
Michigan:  Discrimination Posting & Minimum Wage
Minnesota: Minimum Wage
Missouri: Minimum Wage
Montana: Minimum Wage
Nevada: Domestic Violence Victims (new posting)
New Jersey: Minimum Wage
New York: Minimum Wage & Paid Family Leave(new posting)
Ohio: Minimum Wage
Oregon: Minimum Wage
Rhode Island: Minimum Wage
South Dakota: Minimum Wage
Vermont: Pregnancy Accomodation
Washington: Minimum Wage & Paid Sick Leave

With all these changes means that new Labor Law posters are required in the work place. Make sure to contact 1 Stop Compliance today to order your new updated Labor Law posters!