RAVS stands for the Review and Verification Services section of your account. Here, you upload your safety program. Generally, most accounts can have anywhere from 16-40 programs that need to be custom written and submitted for review.

Contractors often assume that RAVS® and safety programs serve the same function in the ISN® compliance process, but in reality they are distinctly different. In the same way that Cliff Notes provide a summary of a book, RAVS provide a brief overview of the content that is contained in a contractor’s safety program.

ISNetworld® requires RAVS® to be submitted as part of the ISN® compliance process, but without a compliant safety program, contractors are still at risk. 1 Stop Compliance can provide RAVS® for contractors based on their safety programs, but is not held liable for the content of contractors’ own safety programs. It is the responsibility of contractors to ensure their safety programs meet industry standards for compliance, and that their employees adhere to the practices outlined in those programs. If you are unsure whether or not your safety program is up to par, Blakeman & Associates can review and suggest revisions or create an entirely new safety program specifically for your company.

Unfortunately, some third-party data providers do not clarify the difference between RAVS® and safety programs and the importance of having them both, which can lead to a misunderstanding of liability.

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