Customized OSHA Compliant Safety Manual

Custom OSHA Compliance

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  • Immediate compliance with OSHA guaranteed
  • Customized to meet and exceed job, insurance or 3rd party requirements
  • Electronic copy for required submissions
  • Physical 3-ring binder provided

No matter the size of the business or industry you operate in, it is essential and required that every company implement a Safety Program. There are many benefits to implementing a Written Health and Safety Program. Many times companies make the decision to do so, because of requirements being set forth by the company they work for, insurance, or even just because of the constant concern of an OSHA audit. We can fulfill and alleviate every concern with our Custom Written Program and ensure every employee is aware of what OSHA requires and what you expect as an employer.

Value Beyond Compliance

Increased work productivity – It is proven that by investing money into employee safety and awareness you build more confidence for the employee facing his or her tasks, which in turn, increases productivity and the efficiency of your business.

Protection of company assets – Many times, if an employee is not properly trained, they move forward with a task unaware of the damages they cause to company equipment. By training an employee about the personal protective equipment, tools, and equipment they use and the standard operating procedures your company implements, is in turn ensuring the prolonged life of these valuable assets.

Lowered workman comp claims and protect lives – Reduce the risks of your insurance EMR being elevated and protect your employees’ lives by implementing simple, easy to understand Safety Policies and Training Programs. Fill out the form below for free information or call 844-364-3535 for assistance.

Being Audited by a Third Party Contractor?

Need more than just a standard OSHA Manual for compliance with ISN®, PICS®, PEC Safety®, Veriforce®, BROWZ® or another auditor? Our experts have years of experience and a solution that meets your needs! No matter the size of the business and no matter the budget! Call now for step by step instructions on how to get qualified or a free evaluation! 844-532-6090.

Additional Safety Manual Details

OSHA mandates all employers to prevent workplace injuries and implementing Policies and Procedures for safety is the first step in that direction. This manual is designed to make your company safer and put you in a position to comply with OSHA regulations, for your insurance, and external safety program requests.

In every industry a compliance request to ensure the quality and integrity of your company’s internal working operations is typical. Complying with ISO 9001, a typical QAQC manual will have implemented strategic policies for Inventory Control, Loss Prevention, Customer Complaints and many more detailed procedures to be compliant with QAQC expectations. 1 Stop compliance will take the time to assist you in developing these procedures internally by developing a custom QAQC manual that is compliant and readily available for your auditors and clients abroad.

A site specific manual request can be a large hurdle to overcome. There are many reasons that your company could be requested to have this specific kind of manual in place. Often times it is a factor because of the strongest policies of the government or organization you are planning to work for. By completing a 30 minute questionnaire and providing us some pertinent information regarding tools, equipment and the scope of work being completed for your customer, 1 Stop Compliance will be able to create a Site Specific Manual that will pass your audit with flying colors.

Health, Safety and Environmental are some of the hot button topics that are constantly being tackled by Safety Personnel across various industries. Most Safety Manuals often lack the Environmental aspects required to be compliant with organizations that deem this a viable mandated program. 1 Stop Compliance is able to create a program that coincides with your business and works as an active tool to protect your company and reduce your risks and liabilities.

Some organizations across the world have decided to utilize an external organization to conduct all of their audits of companies they plan to utilize for various products and services. When being requested to become a member of an organization like ISNetworld® you will need to have a program that is tailored and specific to your client request via the audit site. The challenge here is, even if you have an existing OSHA manual or other type of Safety Program, it will not pass the ISNetworld audit because of their trademarked auditing parameters, RAVS™. Like ISN, many auditors have created their own special blend of requirements, terminology and programs that make it difficult to pass and comply. This could lead to losses of hundreds of hours of labor, with little to no avail. Here at 1 Stop Compliance, we offer a solution that is custom and specific to each auditor and can be completed within 72 hours.

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