I received an ISNetworld Letter! This suddenly lands in your mailbox: “We are pleased to announce (COMPANY) has recently established a business relationship with ISNetworld® to further enhance our contractor/supplier management program. As a result of this action, contractors/suppliers and their subcontractors performing services for (COMPANY YOU WANT TO KEEP WORKING FOR) are required to become subscribers to ISNetworld®.”  Everyone receives this ISNetworld® Letter if you are being requested to join because of a client. We know there can be many questions as to why you received this letter and what happens from here. After receiving your ISNetworld® Letter we are here to help you through the process of getting ISNetworld® compliant!

Companies and contractors both pay to secure an account with a third-party auditor, such asISNetworld®, PICS® , PEC Premier® , BROWZ, ComplyWorks®, Veriforce, Textura, and others. After establishing an account, the client uploads requirements specific to their companies, projects, and job sites to ensure the prospective contractors post detailed qualifications of their company and employees. If a contractor wants to work for an owner, they must ensure they meet all of the needs of the owner.

Throughout the process, the third-party auditor inspects and validates the documentation uploaded. Common types of documentation and requirements include safety programs, training programs, insurance information, workers’ compensation information, incident statistics, financial stability, and past performance.

Bringing any third party auditor account to a 100% score can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  However, we know this requires time, money, and close attention. But the benefits of properly utilizing a third party auditor more than outweigh the cons!