After you complete your safety plan, you will have the option for a third-party review. What is a third-party safety plan review and why would you need one?

Last year, OSHA citations given numbered over 3,600 related to programs. Safety plans are an important part of a company’s overall safety program and provide a handbook for how the company handles a particular safety issue. It’s one of the very first things that a compliance officer will ask to see when he/she arrives onsite, so they are a very visible part of your compliance efforts. Not only are they important to have, but how thorough and correct they are is just as important. This is where third-party reviews come in.

As a Third-party review 1 Stop Compliance can:

  • Give You Another Set of Eyes, With Experienced Eyes
  • Make Sure All Elements Are Covered
  • Help Give You Ideas To Strengthen Your Plan (or Determine Where You May Be Over Committing)
  • Provide an Extra Level of Credibility

Having an unbiased, experienced third-party review may provide additional level of credibility to help show regulators that your company wants to make the extra effort to be complete. From our experience, success with OSHA inspections and visits can be boosted by attitude towards compliance. Any time your company can show a sincere effort to do all you can to be compliant, it will appear very favorably for your company to the regulator.