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What's Included in ISNetworld® Compliance:

  • ISNetworld® Compliance

  • Safety Program Development (we write all the programs that ISN® requires, email you the copies and upload them to ISNetworld®. Rather than going through the time consuming process of re-writing your existing Safety Program or creating one from scratch, we have over 250+ pre-approved ISN® Programs that we can brand with your company information and provide to your client and ISN® for immediate approval. This eliminates being denied as compliant and going through multiple submissions that waste your time and money! We get you ISN® RAVS™ Compliant.

  • Training Programs (ISNetworld® requires that you train your people and provide proof of training for each component, called  TRAVS™. Our Company will submit proof of training to ISN® and provide you the programs for your people to review and sign. This eliminates costly training expenses and loss in production time. Simple, easy and cost-effective solution to dealing with this costly part of ISN® compliance)

  • Insurance (ISN® requires IRAVS® which are Insurance reviews which include; EMR Letter “experience modification rating”, COI “certificate of Insurance, TRIR “total recordable incident rate” and various other forms that have to be completed, formatted in a manner ISN® approves of and then submitted for review. Rather than spending the time yourself gathering these documents for ISN®, only to be rejected, we will call your insurance company and gather all the appropriate forms, in a manner ISN® will approve of and then submit them to ISN® and get approval right away. This is a turnkey solution, we do it all!)

  • OSHA/OHS Logs (ISNetworld® will require your company to submit the last 36 months of OSHA Logs if you are in the US or Provincial Logs if you are in Canada. Record keeping forms OSHA 300A, 301 etc… If your company doesn’t have access to these forms or has never completed these forms, no stress, that is part of our service. We can create these forms and get you ISN® Approved. Every 3 months, ISNetworld® will require new forms and potential questionnaires to be completed, this is part of our service. Initial and ongoing compliance.)

  • Account Management (ISNetworld® will require ongoing attention from you to monitor and maintain your ISN® account. This is also the case for your company, even if you have just one customer requiring this and are a small business. Every 3 months there are mandatory updates within the system that must be completed. We will maintain your account at 100% compliance and take on these time consuming updates. Also, if you want to work for more companies on ISN® there will be more work that needs to be completed to get compliant, this is included as part of our service for no additional cost. We will assign a full-time, dedicated account manager to get to work on this right away, on your behalf!)

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